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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer


  • Some of the special features like the following can be included on demand.
  • High-low voltage cut-off to automatically switch off the unit when the output voltage goes above or below a certain preset voltage limit.
  • Overload protection to switch off the unit when the load current value goes higher than the rated value.
  • Manual by-pass facility.
  • Single phase prevention for 3-phase units.
  • Reverse phase sequence protection for 3-phase stabilizers.
  • Built-in spike suppressor.
  • Audio-visual alarm.

With the help of our decades of experiences and best facilities, we manufacture Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer - Oil Cooled using high quality materials. They are perfect in performance, functions and quality. We design them with the help of our expert team members. They are highly functional and require minimal maintenance. Our products are duly verified and provided at cost effective price range.


  • Air-cooled stabilizers are available in capacity up to 40 KVA and Oil-cooled stabilizers are available in capacity up to 2500 KVA. These can be either of Variac type or Roller-type. These have input voltage variation of 240-470V, 270-470V, 300-470V, 320-470V, 340-470V and 360-470V, and output voltage of 470V +/- 1% or as required by the customer.
  • Design Computerized
  • Efficiency Over 98%
  • Output accuracy ±1 %
  • Suitable for 100% unbalanced current load
  • Testing As per IS 9815 / IS 2026
  • Overload capacity As per IS 6600
  • Terminations As per IS 3347


  • Quick, steady and accurate correction of voltage.
  • Balanced output voltage, irrespective of unbalanced input.
  • Reduced heating and minimum losses.
  • Overall energy saving and reduction in electricity bills.
  • Reduction in breakdown of electrical / electronic equipments.
  • Increased life of bulbs, tubes, motors and other accessories.


  • Three-phase oil-cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers have unlimited applications in the offices, commercial buildings, telecom industry, textile industry, IT industry, call centers, research laboratories, hospitals, air-conditioning plants, hotels & restaurants, malls, industrial lighting loads, escalators & elevators and offset printing machines etc.